01. The First Humans.

An exhibition publication that blurs the factual and the fantastical. Produced for The First Humans, an evolving exhibition that explores pre-history.

      Download in-depth PDF.

02. Backsides.

Backsides is a parasitic poster exhibition that uses the derrières of London’s road signs as a highly-visible space for the public display of graphic art. Project is ongoing.

03. Accord.

An edit to my university’s online newsletter which caused a lot of noise by playing, literally, on the website's accordion structure.

04. Naval Gazing.

An illustrated history of ship camouflage. Each spread forms a section of a timeline, with the whole leaflet unfurling to reveal a hidden battleship.

      Download in-depth PDF.

05. Vanishing Islands.

A website exploring vanishing islands (those which are visible at low-tide but not at high-tide). The content visible changes with the visibility of the islands themselves.

06. Degree Show.

Art direction of the identity for Kingston BA Graphic Design's 2015 degree show. This included crafting the posters, catalogue and website.

07. Press.

Grafik, Hover States [1][2], Walker Art Centre, Creative Review, Ficciones Typografika and It's Nice That[1][2].